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Please note, with the Apple mandate to upgrade apps to 64-bits, the new system requirements for iOS devices has been updated to 10.3. If your Apple ID had the previous version installed at one point, when reinstalling you'll be prompted to download the previous working version. Unfortunately, all devices running 32-bit with iOS versions before 10.3 which didn't have the app previously installed will not be able to download the older version of the app.

In addition, the animations of the BT button on the new app has changed:
- Initial State: A grey BT symbol with boarding flashing in yellow. It means "Not connected to RSM kit yet". You can press the BT button to pair.
- Scanning & Connecting State: A flashing botton of yellow BT symbol and grey BT symbol. Please wait until the button turns yellow or back to flashing.
- Connected State: A yellow BT symbol on the button without any animation effect, the motors will calibrate briefly. Press this button to disconnect from the RSM kit.

If you have additional questions, please email
Wednesday, January 16 2019, 03:13 PM
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