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Having trouble getting Gyrobot to stay level, it seems to be off center or something. Tried to have it go across the string, but as soon as one wheel touches the string it, the bot, pulls and we are unable to get it to be vertical, it leans so far that it will not do anything.
Wednesday, January 13 2016, 12:25 AM
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Friday, May 27 2016, 07:12 PM - #Permalink
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Hi Leslie,

Thank you for contacting us, there are a few possible causes:

1. The batteries being used may not have sufficient power. We suggest using brand new disposable batteries (1.5V), the blue LED on the gyroscope will shine brightly blue when there is enough power. In some cases, generic batteries may have weak cells and it's a good idea to try another set of brand new batteries to ensure the issue is not with the batteries.

2. The gyroscope needs a little bit of time to reach its maximum RPM, so in this case, please allow the gyroscope to spin for at least 25 seconds before releasing it.

3. The last cause maybe with the Wheels with gear, if the gyroscope is receiving plenty of power and allowed to spin for 25 seconds, however, is still not stable then the Wheels and gears maybe the issue.

Please email with your findings. Thanks.
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