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  3. Thursday, 19 November 2015
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Our sincere apologies as we recently discovered the name, rank, and special ability for the female sorceress (Kheela) and female archer (Talvora) were misprinted. Tavlora's rank and special ability belongs on the female sorceress' hero card and Kheela's rank and special ability on the female archer's card.

The correct hero boards are being reprinted and replacements can be sent free of charge. To receive these replacements, please provide the following information to support@thamesandkosmos.com:

Name and mailing address
Date of purchase

The hero boards are currently in production and will be sent as soon as they're received, in the meantime, digital copies of the corrected hero cards are attached for download.

If you should have any questions, please email support@thamesandkosmos.com and we'll be more than happy to help.
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