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CHEM Series

Overview of the CHEM Series

The Thames & Kosmos CHEM kits are classic chemistry sets updated for the 21st Century kid.

The CHEM Series begins with CHEM C500, an introduction to chemistry. With 30 experiments in seven key areas of chemistry, this kit is perfect for children ages 8 and up who want a fun, welcoming tour of the science but aren't ready for a complete chemistry set.

CHEM C1000 is the ideal starter chemistry set for ages 10 and up. Seventy-five experiments in a 40-page experiment manual explore everything from acids and bases to electro-chemical reactions in action-packed, hands-on experiments. Excellent quality equipment and chemicals provide the correct tools for serious learning and serious fun, in experiments that can be performed over and over again.

CHEM C2000 contains all the experiments of CHEM C1000, plus 176 more, for a total of 251 different experiments! After gaining the introductory lab experience from the experiments in the CHEM C1000 portion of the kit, more advanced tools, such as an alcohol burner, are introduced for more complex experiments. Young chemists separate mixtures, perform experiments with heat, investigate chemistry in cooking and cleaning, and discover fascinating new chemicals that fizz, shine, bubble, change color and even glow in the dark!

Professor Probenius is your chemistry professor for CHEM C1000 and CHEM C2000. He provides clear instructions for preparing and performing the experiments, offers safety advice, gives explanations for the observed occurrences, and asks and answers questions about the results. The professor leaves older students to their own studies in the more advanced CHEM C3000, below.

CHEM C3000 is the ultimate chemistry set. It contains all the experiments of CHEM C1000 and CHEM C2000, plus 136 more, for a total of 387 different experiments! The 178-page manual provides a complete and well-balanced curriculum that teaches every fundamental principle of this essential science. While it offers the same experiments as CHEM C2000, they are presented at a more advanced level, with more in-depth scientific explanations and theories. Advanced topics such as chemical equations, atomic structures and the periodic table — concepts that are critical to continued study of chemistry — are presented in a clear, tangible way. CHEM C3000 is an excellent way to prepare for high school, and even college level, chemistry.

All of our CHEM sets...
... are safety tested and approved.
... offer thorough safety precautions.
... include professional quality lab equipment.
... come with full-color experiment manuals.
... make chemistry fun, real, clear and accessible.



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